Is Manuka Honey a good skin care moisturiser?

When applied to the skin, this wonderfully natural humectant will actively draw water molecules into the “stratum corneum”, also known as the top layer of your skin. This all-natural skincare emollient will promote a soothing effect and soften your skin. It will totally capture and retain the moisture from the surrounding environment, a complete game changer for skin dryness. Without H20, the dead cells in your skin, commonly known as corneocytes, can accumulate and cause chalky, flaky, dry skin. By using this natural moisturiser, you can give your skin the hydrating boost it needs! This makes manuka honey much more effective than other moisturisers that can only provide minimal absorption.

Best Manuka Honey Skin Care Products

Enjoy our guide for Beautiful, Healthy Skin!

GREEN LEAF NATURALS Fragrance-Free Eczema & Psoriasis Cream. The miracle of Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey combined to effectively soothe dry, irritated skin with natural organic ingredients. It will give your skin a nutrient rich blend of vitamins, essential antioxidants and minerals. Excellent for all skin types.
Natural, Cruelty-Free & Vegetarian with Pure Plant Fragrance of Vanilla and Mandarin. New Zealand antibacterial manuka honey powerfully draws moisture to your skin to hydrate while helping to keep it clean and blemish-free. Suited to most skin conditions.

ERA ORGANICS MICRODERMABRASION FACIAL SCRUB & EXFOLIATOR Spa Quality Exfoliating Mask with Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Walnut and powerful Vitamin C - Moisturizing Facial Exfoliant for Dry Skin with each wash. No machine needed. Made for sensitive skin, this scrub is non-toxic without parabens or alcohol.
HONEYSKIN ORGANICS ULTIMATE FACE & BODY CREAM The Ultimate Face & Body Cream with Powerful Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & Cocoa Butter. Effective for redness removal, hydrating, eczema treatment, anti-inflammatory treatment, wrinkle treatment, soothing, moisturizing, firming, anti-acne. Contains vitamins, amino acid & minerals to hydrate and restore pH levels. Non-allergenic.
LOREAL PARIS MOISTURIZER FOR FACE, NECK & SKIN Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Balm with Manuka Honey Extract and Nurturing Oils to Soothe & Rescue Dry Skin. This All-Over-Balm soothes, rescues and helps strengthen skin's ability to retain nourishing moisture and relieve dryness. Immediately, skin feels soothed, smoother and more supple. Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free, Non-Sticky, Dermatologist Tested for safety and suitable for sensitive skin.
MADELEINE RITCHIE ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY SKIN HEALTH CREAM Ultimate Honey Cream Formula for Optimal Skin Health & Healing. Formulated with precious natural New Zealand ingredients for beautiful skin, this skincare treatment has exceptional revitalizing power. An effective moisturizing treatment for dry, irritated & cracked skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and acne.
MANUKA DOCTOR DAY CREAM WITH MANUKA HONEY SPF15 With Active Manuka Honey that rejuvenates the skin, Manuka Doctor is a natural moisturizer containing effective and powerful properties for beautiful skin. This glorious revitalizing day cream nourishes and restores your skin. Your skin appears more toned and youthful. This luscious, enriching and hydrating day cream can be used any time of the day,.
MANUKA DOCTOR DROPS OF CRYSTAL BEAUTIFYING BI-PHASE OIL Contains Purified Bee Venom & Manuka Honey. Skin feels brighter and luminosity is restored. Even skin tone and brighten complexion with this nourishing, yet easily absorbed facial oil containing botanically derived lightening blend.
MANUKA DOCTOR APICLEAR FACIAL PEEL Combining signature ingredients of Purified Bee Venom, Manuka Honey, fruit extracts and botanicals, this facial peel is a new peel-off face mask that has been designed to renew your complexion. Perfect for congested skin, blemishes, blackheads, sun damaged skin, improves skin tone, firmness and radiance.

Can Manuka Honey help control pimples and acne?

We’ve all experienced a random acne breakout from time to time prior to a special event. This will happen when skin oxidation transforms into free radicals that promotes bacterial growth and skin damage. Manuka Honey contains anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties which will decrease redness and swelling associated with breakouts. These tiny infections are caused by a bacteria known as, Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). Although there are many effective conventional skincare treatments out there, they may be too harsh on your skin causing side-effects. However, it’s always worth looking out for a milder and gentler treatment, such as natural manuka honey/products.

Will Manuka Honey promote healthy wound healing?

The medicinal benefits of Manuka honey are commonly used to assist wound healing. It’s worth noting that this unique honey, with its high sugar content, attracts and draws in water molecules. In fact, it can fetch fluid from tissues, decrease swelling and lead to a smaller wound size. Furthermore, honey encourages cell migration surrounding the edges of a wound. In fact, manuka honey is so unique in nature that it is capable of destroying the bacteria that causes infections and inflammation during healing time.

Is Manuka Honey a natural antibacterial?

Bacteria is no match for Manuka honey due to its natural glucose oxidase enzyme that eradicates the cell walls of bacteria. The honey’s high sugar content will attract water and dehydrate bacteria.  With a low pH level, together the antimicrobial properties are ideal to keep the bad guys at bay. But wait! MGO is the superstar of this high grade honey and able to destroy microbes even with low concentrations. With a huge range of antibacterial properties, this prized honey can assist to combat the staphylococcus aureus infection, dermatitis and eczema.

Does Manuka Honey ease inflammation?

Manuka honey is the perfect solution for red, irritated and inflamed skin. With its gentle, soothing texture it boasts anti-inflammatory properties on a molecular level. For starters, it contains natural compounds that suppress inflammatory enzymes,  compounds that also neutralize free radicals by fighting oxidative stress. Not only does it soothe and heal redness and inflammation, it helps to promote a smoother complexion.

DIY Face Mask

For DIY at-home face masks, Manuka Honey is great for improving moisture and hydration. The perfect solution for a skincare routine to control excessive oil, diminish blemishes, clean pores, sooth eczema, acne and dry-red irritated skin. Perfection!