TASMANIAN HONEY CO – Manuka Honey 5+ NPA (MGO 100+) – 500g

From the ancient forests and gothic meadows of Tasmania come Tasmanian Honey Company’s fine honey – pure, beautifully packaged honey that are free of additives and unpleasant agricultural and industrial activities to ensure that the flavour and health benefits of the honey remain uncompromised.

Product description:

Manuka honey has been known for its antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these healthful benefits are due to an organic compound called methylglyoxal specially found in the nectar of Manuka bushes. In the unspoiled wilderness of Tasmania, Manuka bushes grow abundantly where beekeepers can collect the honey.

All contents of every bottle of Tasmanian Manuka Honey undergoes independent testing to determine its methylglyoxal content. It is a rating process proven to provide a more accurate measure of Manuka’s healing properties.

Tasmanian Manuka honey has a guaranteed rating of 100+ MGO. With its rich methylglyoxal content, Tasmanian Manuka Honey is effective in relieving sore throats and colds. It can also be beneficial in treating skin problems.