STEENS Manuka Honey UMF+ (MGO 829+) 250g – Pure Raw Unpasteurised Honey from New Zealand – Contains Natural Healing Properties for Sore Throats & Immunity.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to dip your finger straight into the honeycomb, it’s time for you to try Steens Manuka Honey! As New Zealand’s leading producer of high grade UMF manuka honey, this raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized and minimally processed honey is just as nature intended. Not only does the honey taste delicious, it has also shown to provide a number of benefits:

  • Supports Digestive and Respiratory Health.
  • Relieves Coughs and Sore Throats.
  • Accelerates Wound and Ulcer Healing.
  • Acts as an Effective Source of Natural Energy.

With over 34 years of beekeeping experience, Steens know how to make a higher quality manuka honey. Unlike other honeys, Steens is cold processed which means they don’t heat the honey to high temperatures, thereby preserving nutritional properties. Additionally, they employ a unique filtering system that allows them to retain ‘Bee Bread’ – a lacto-fermented, enzymatically activated food rich in b vitamins and amino acids. This honey is a super food at its finest.

Steens Manuka honeys are all UMF certified to signify authenticity. Whether you are looking for more or less UMF, Steens has you covered. Choose from Steens full line of honeys which include UMF 5+, 15+, 20+ or 24+. Steens also gives you the ability to trace your honey to the hive where it was collected.