MELUKA Native Honey infused with Tea Tree (TTF32) – 275g

Ingredients: 100% Australian Jendale honey.

Meluka Tea Tree Honey is a highly active honey full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. The healthy bees harvest from the mother trees and are also offered a supplementary food (natural, tea tree extract blend using Jendale’s tea tree leaves) which has resulted in a honey containing a higher phenolic content than honey produced by bees foraging solely on tea tree flowers.

This unique honey has a sweet, pleasant and characteristic taste with a subtle tea tree flavour.

Use: Apply topically to aid wound healing, just place Meluka Tea Tree Honey on the affected area and cover. Enjoy a teaspoonful a day for instant relief from sore throats and faster recovery of throat symptoms.

Caution: Do not heat above 40 as this may destroy the naturally occurring bacteria that provide all the healthy honey benefits.