Happy Valley Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey – 250g by Happy Valley

QUALITY UMF 15+ manuka honey from the pristine native forests of New Zealand is lab-certified to UMF 15+ standard, which certifies the honey meets strict quality criteria. The UMF Quality Trademark and the Fernmark are carried out to provide assurance it’s a NZ Made product. Each batch is individually tested by an independent laboratory to certify its UMF rating. Happy Valley publishes its lab test results, which means you can be certain you are getting honey of the quality and rating on its label

UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR – UMF is the association of New Zealand honey producers that governs the manuka honey UMF rating system specifically to protect consumers from being misled by the many honey labels making claims to be ‘active’ or ‘bio-active’ without achieving UMF manuka honey standards. As a UMF Member Happy Valley uphold the quality measures and testing regimes required to be the premium quality and grading system on their Manuka Products.

LAND and BEES – Honey is a natural product created by the joining of nature and it’s environment, making the land and bees the most precious resource. The Happy Valley Beekeeping team have a state of the art extraction facility and process their honey from across New Zealand. Their products are genuine and authentic, because they control the full process ourselves. From the hive to your table.

TRACEABLE – The bee keepers use technology and time aged traditions in order to monitor bee health. The honey is completely traceable back to source.

USAGE – Manuka honey 15+ UMF is perfect for adding a touch of sweetener to yoghurt, granola and shakes, you can moisturise dry tired skin with a hydrating Manuka honey 15+ face mask, add it to food or drinks or eat it straight from the spoon.