GOOD NATURED Raw Manuka Honey MGO 820+ (NPA 20+) – 250g – Medicinal Strength – Highest Certified Rating – BPA Free Jar, Cold Extraction – Independently Verified by Good Nature

MANUKA INGREDIENTS: 100% RAW MGO 820+ Manuka Honey. Every batch tested in New Zealand Accredited Laboratories for Purity and Activity Levels. Active Medical Honey or medical grade honey is produced from Leptospermum plants found growing in both Australia and New Zealand. The honey from these plants has unique healing properties not found in other honeys.

BEES: The bees are managed naturally by organic standards without the use of sugar feeding, veterinary pharmaceuticals or chemicals.

COLD EXTRACTION OF MANUKA HONEY: The special cold extraction method used preserves the antibacterial properties and wound healing abilities of this unique Leptospermum honey.

PRODUCTION: Tested at independent laboratories to ensure accurate levels of potency prior to packaging. Higher MGO levels than honeys marked as manuka honey UMF 10, manuka honey UMF 15 and around the same as those being offered as manuka honey UMF 20+.