AUSTRALIAN NATURALCARE – (MGO 100) 100% Pure Manuka Honey – 250g

Australian NaturalCare Manuka Honey is great tasting honey for everyday use. Manuka Honey is hand-harvested from beehives in the coastal forests and bushlands of northern NSW and Queensland. The bees collect nectar from the beautiful flowers of a native plant called Leptospermum polygalifolium. Australia has over 80 varieties of Leptospermum but only a few of them produce the unique type of nectar which gives manuka honey its special properties.

Whilst most honey contains the antibacterial substance hydrogen peroxide, it rarely survives the journey from hive to home. Manuka honey has much higher levels of another natural antibacterial substance called methylglyoxal (MGO) which is more potent and more stable. Manuka honey with a methylglyoxal level of 100 or higher is considered ‘bioactive’. As the level of methylglyoxal increases the bioactive properties increase.

Every batch of Australian NaturalCare’s manuka honey is processed in a HACCP certified facility. It is then tested by highly respected and independent laboratories to verify its methylglyoxal level so you can be confident that you’re getting genuinely bioactive honey. Australian NaturalCare honey is raw and unpasteurised which means it keeps all of the nutrients and bioactive benefits.

Manuka honey is distinctively flavoured. It is darker and richer in taste than other honeys and is delicious eaten straight from a spoon. Enjoy daily as part of a healthy, balanced diet.